Major Anti-Scientology conference is set for Dublin

Former leader makes plea to young people not to join

Irish Central/June 5, 2012

A major anti-Scientology conference will be held in Dublin on June 30th featuring Jamie De Wolfe the great grandson of Ron Hubbard the movement's founder.

Writing in former Scientology memeber and conference organizer Pete Griffiths stated that the conference called "Dublin Offlines" is "organised by ex-members of the Scientology organisation, independent Scientologists, critics of the Scientology organisation and family members of those who have been affected by Scientology.

He says he has been labelled a "suppressive person" by the organization Griffiths stated that since leaving the organization his brother has disowned him and he realised that he had suffered a form of brainwashing.

"You can't voice your doubts, you just don't. You are with us or you are not – that is it. If you do voice any doubts, you are routed to Ethics (the internal police force) and basically told to shut up. If you are complaining or you have doubts you are told that you are a Suppressive Person (SP) and they don't like suppressive people. The religion is full of little traps and pitfalls like that.

"After we left staff at the organisation – I got a golden rod – which is a piece of paper that declares me as a Suppressive Person for leaving the organisation. It is Scientology policy that these orders are printed on a piece of coloured paper. Only ethics orders are printed on paper this colour."

Griffiths stated that he had joined the organization back in 1987 when his brother bought a book called Dianetics, the bible of the movement.

" But it is never as simple as buying a book from them, he wrote in" If you buy a book you don't just get a receipt – you have to fill out an invoice with your name, address and phone number and then they will give you a call you a few days later to see how you are getting on with it."

His wife was dismissed from the organization "as they had discovered that she had previously been a psychiatric nurse – they didn't like that, as they are against psychiatry and psychology and they believe they have all the answers to problems of the mind."

Griffiths warned young people against joining the organization "I would just say to anyone that is contemplating getting involved in Scientology – just don't do it. I know it is hard out there for people at the moment and that people are looking for answers but Scientology is just not the way to go – believe me.

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