Katie Holmes said to be unimpressed with kids Scientology schooling

Chicago Sun-Times/July 3, 2012

Among the major issues that challenged Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's five-year marriage was the actress' deep concerns over her husband's commitment to Scientology — especially as it related to the education of his children.

According to a close Holmes friend — who also worked with her on "Dawson's Creek" — the actress "was not at all impressed with the way Tom's older children were taught by the Scientolgists' programs. She felt they did not have the kind of grasp of basic information like kids would get in more traditional schools — either public or private. "Katie was really surprised by their lack of knowledge about the world in general … current affairs, classic literature, science, other religions or foreign languages," said the source.

• While it's been noted that Holmes had long planned her exit from the marriage to Cruise, it appears she depended on a very small circle of longtime friends to assist her — also aided by one or two members of her immediate family. Apparently, her sense of claustrophobia had become very intense — due to Cruise's all-controlling nature — and she had accelerated her "escape" within the past month, leading her to rent that New York apartment.

• According to a second source — a professional associate of Holmes, who has worked with her on several recent films — she also was very unhappy by Cruise's apparent lack of interest in her career. While he demanded she "always be there for him and his movies, he seemed to care less about hers — and even made fun of some of them, including the proposed "Dawson's Creek" reunion movie Katie really wanted to do.

"Tom thought it was a dumb idea, and would remind Katie's fans of her past — not her present or future."

Apparently, he compared the idea to washed up stars doing the remake of "Dallas."

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