Parent's horror as 'Scientologist' group Narconon teaches London primary school children about drugs

London Evening Standard/August 2, 2012

A parent has asked why a primary school brought in a group linked to Scientologists to teach her 10-year-old child about drug abuse.

St Jude and St Paul's Primary School, in Newington Green, arranged for Narconon to come in to teach year six pupils.

Narconon offers drug and rehabilitation services based on the writings of L Ron Hubbard, the man who inspired Scientology, the church followed by Tom Cruise. But critics claim Narconon's rehab centres are used to help recruit people to the movement. This is denied by Narconon.

Amanda Steele, 30, found one of the group's pamphlets in her son Vincent's schoolbag. She said: "I couldn't believe the school would get people like this in. All the parents I have spoken to are horrified — they want to know how this was allowed to happen. It's a faith school, so why not get someone from the Church to do this?

"These aren't the sort of people I want to come in to teach my kids about drugs. In fact I don't want them to come anywhere near them."

Michelle Davies, who works for Narcanon, said: "The main link with Scientology is they are both inspired by the work of L Ron Hubbard. There is no spiritual aspect to Narconon whatsoever and the centres are completely separate from Scientology churches."

No one from the school was available for comment.

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