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"I have never found such a comprehensive site involving cults. I've told several people about it. I'm sure you've taken quite a bit of abuse from some who are involved in certain cults, and I hope nothing will keep you from staying the course with very good information. My number one worry is, Scientology. Hubbard was a nut, and Tom Cruise is fast on his way to becoming an even bigger nut. I have a manic depressive sister, who takes medication. The best thing to ever happen to her. And to hear about this kook saying there isn't any such thing as chemical imbalance, depression, and the like, just makes my blood boil."

"I once went to a conference and they had a booth. The guy wanted me to take a test. One of those that they try on new people. He placed the gauge on my arm and asked me, 'What scares you most in life?' This was to show how to get rid of fears. I answered 'Dianetics.' End of story."

"During the time I spent in Scientology all I heard was expressions of what one would expect to find in a dysfunctional family. All the talk revolved around some kind of punishment for not living up to the demands of the 'Org' [organization]. Nothing anybody did was ever good enough. Everybody was at fault somehow for everything. One was either too lazy, too stupid, too perverted, too drug-addicted and just to f--ked up in general to ever be worthy of belonging to such a noble and honorable religion. Yet in spite of this, any talk of leaving this environment was akin to abandoning one's family. If one dared to leave or 'blow the Org' as they say, one's life would amount to nothing. Any deserters would be adrift at sea, lost, tossed about by the waves, etc."

"I live in LA and am involved in the entertainment business. The Scientologists are everywhere, with fronts that all seem to have a business address near or at the headquarters."

"I think that it's a great mark to your credit that the Church of Scientology has all sorts of nastiness about you on the web! I found your website after thinking that something seemed strange about what is listed as the 'new Cult Awareness Network.' It was their disclaimer stating that the site was 'not associated with Rick Ross' that lead me to search for you."

"I volunteered to tutor students and adults in Southern California. The group is called H.E.L.P (Hollywood Education and Literacy Program). My first day was spent watching a video taped presentation of a man talking about the 'system' used in the program. It was developed by none other than L. Ron Hubbard. I noticed that Scientologist John Travolta started the group. I was given a couple books on the 'three barriers to learning' and introduced to my instructor. All this time, I just thought I'd be helping kids do their homework. Instead I was learning about 'word clearing' and giving 'mass' to a situation. One lady kept saying to a student over and over 'Do fish swim?' to which the student would answer 'yes,' 'no' or 'my arm hurts.' The lady would then say 'I'm sorry to hear that. Let me repeat the question. Do fish swim?' After an hour of this they sat down opposite each other and had a staring contest. They stared at each other without speaking until one of them cracked up laughing. Then they did it again and again for the next half hour. There were people making little clay sculptures for no apparent reason and we had to do these little pantomimes called 'demos.' This was all very strange. What the hell was going on there? Is this some kind of Scientology scam? Those people gave me the creeps."

"My dad and uncle were both once Scientologists. Your site on the legacy of lard ass Ron Blubbard is first rate. What Harmon Leon describes in his little story ('My Life as a Scientologist Celebrity') has long been a fantasy of mine. Especially that one bit about 'Gothic-Syntho-Industrial-rock!' I peed myself laughing at that line. That's so like my bizarre background--raised to be quite the Gothic-Syntho-Industrial-angst-twenty-something-poster boy! That sure did hit home."

"About two years ago a friend asked me to attend a Scientology lecture with him. Before I would commit, I began to research Scientology on the Internet. I was in awe of the testimonies from former members and couldn't believe the U.S. Government allows Scientology a tax-exempt status and recognizes them as a 'religion' instead of a business for profit."

"I just read some of your pages concerning Scientology. Excellent job. I feel good that there are level-headed people like you around who can expose these cultists for what they are."

"Scientology is a destructive and pervasive entity that functions like a cancer in our society.

How can they claim that documents held by a former member could affect their trade if in fact they are not a business? How can they claim they need both tax exemptions as a church and protection from trade incursions in their realm? When I stopped my involvement with the parish church, years ago, the priest did not ... confiscate my catechism, or Bible".

"I recently found your page and am very impressed with the wealth of links--especially those related to the Church of Scientology. I have been harassed by these people. I [took a] basic communication course around 1980 and did not know it [was related to Scientology] at the time. It was billed as a course on relationships. I was a very critical student and...for this I was branded a 'suppressive person' or 'SP.' I believe this organization makes more trouble than even people such as yourself imagine."

"I was a Scientologist for nine years. I was a boy when I joined, and a young man when I left. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who managed to unshackle himself from the choke hold of their ideology. Young men and women, who are fascinated by cosmological things, innocent, gullible--are veritable 'sitting ducks' for this alleged religion. The toughest thing for a person in Scientology to overcome, is that if not Scientology--then what? [But] just about anything is better. There are many aspects of Scientology [such as] their so-called 'technology,' which cement a person into it [through what is called] 'anchor points'(a Scientology term). The fallacious background of Mr. Hubbard can [also] be easily proved. Keep up the good work."

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