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Grandad banned from teaching grandson Scientology methods

Grandad banned from teaching grandson Scientology methods

Herald Sun, Australia/December 17, 2012

A grandad has been banned from "treating" his developmentally delayed grandson with Scientology methods.

The five-year-old has complex problems and is under the care of eight specialists for issues with his behaviour, learning, language and gross motor skills.

The Federal Magistrates Court was told of concerns the boy would be subjected to trialling of his grandad's "treatments" if he were left in the sole care of his grandparents.

The court heard the grandparents had only recently repaired their fractured relationship with the boy's mother after an "intrusive and abusive" upbringing.

She said she was bullied at school and underwent two years of "emotional release therapy" at the hands of her father using Scientology methods, including "reliving her birth".

The grandfather told a court-appointed doctor that he would not "treat" his grandson until he was about 14.

He claimed his techniques had cured his son-in-law of perspiration, "which was his mother's transmitted in utero".

The doctor said the grandfather had poor personal boundaries and an idiosyncratic belief system he had "imposed on the mother in the past, to the detriment of her mental health".

The boy's grandparents have been married for 54 years and "do everything together", the court heard.

Federal Magistrate Robyn Sexton said she did not believe the grandmother or the mother were able to stand up to the grandfather and stop him "practising his treatment".

The grandparents were banned from having their grandson in their sole care.

The grandfather was further restrained from giving the boy any therapy or counselling.

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