Scientology centre doesn't get tax relief, council confirms

Daily Echo, UK/November 4, 2010

Poole's Scientology centre does not benefit from special tax relief, it has been confirmed.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has urged local authorities to stop offering breaks to the organisation, deemed not to be a religion in a Charity Commission ruling in 1999.

It has emerged at least four UK councils have provided rate relief to buildings associated with Scientology.

But Poole council says it has never offered discounted rates on the organisation's premises on the High Street.

The 2010/11 rate for the Bournemouth Mission of the Church of Scientology on the High Street is £8,971.52.

A Church of Scientology spokesman said: "Local authorities, government bodies and the European court of human rights have all recognised the religious nature of Scientology, or the fact that Scientologists are actively helping those in their communities as a direct reflection of their religious beliefs."

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