Will Smith is a caped (Tom) Cruise aider

New York Daily News/November 18, 2007

Will Smith stands up for his buddy Tom Cruise - and Scientology - in next month's issue of Men's Vogue.

"We push one another to be better," Smith says of Cruise.

"There's a comprehension of what each of us goes through that everybody else can't understand.

"I've studied Buddhism and Hinduism, and I've studied Scientology through Tom. And nobody's saying anything different! ... I don't think that because the word someone uses for 'spirit' is 'thetan' that the definition becomes any different."

The magazine also reports that the actor's not exactly a he-man boozer.

"Will literally takes three sips and he's buzzed," says his "Hitch" co-star Eva Mendes. "It's not even like three sips of whiskey; it's literally a piña colada or a daiquiri - he loves girly drinks - and he's down."

Smith's new movie, "I Am Legend," opens next month.

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