Kirstie Alley: Don't Make Fun of Scientology

Cleveland Leader/February 1, 2008

Kirstie Alley, a well-known member of Hollywood's Scientology clan, had her lawyer sent off a letter to gossip mag UsWeekly, demanding that they drop one of their fashion critics over a quip she made about Scientology.

In the January 7, 2008 issue of UsWeekly, fashion critic Danico Lo critiqued a silver suit that Nicole Kidman wore to the Golden Compass premiere. Commenting on the outfit in the "Fashion Police" section she said: "Bonus: This specially designed suit repels Scientologists."

Nicole Kidman was once married to Tom Cruise, arguably the world's most famous Scientologist. The two divorced in 2001, after nearly a decade of marriage. Catholic born Nicole never embraced Tom's religion.

In a letter sent to UsWeekly, Kirstie Alley's lawyer, Barry Felsen, wrote:

"Ms. Lo should be discharged for her narrow-minded comment. You should apologize and commit to a thorough examination of why you have chosen to foster animosity and bias against Scientologists."

Apparently he and Kirstie recognize that the comment was "attempting to be sarcastic and funny", but says that the comment "[perpetuates] the unfair prejudice against Scientologists."

"Would you have published this comment if it were Jews, Muslims or Christians who were singled out for ridicule by Ms. Lo? Scientology's principal difference from these other religions is its age, which apparently you feel gives you license to publish unfair and bigoted statements about its followers," her lawyer continued.

Here's a thought Kirstie: Get over it! The reason people pick on the so-called "religion" of Scientology is not its age, but rather, the fact that it was made up by a science fiction writer.

Danico Lo has so far not publicly issued a comment on the situation, but we're pretty sure one's coming soon.

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