Kirstie Alley Liked Animals More Than People!

Fox News/February 4, 2008

First Tom Cruise's promotional videos for Scientology managed to find their way to the public.

Now a promo pamphlet featuring actress Kirstie Alley from last September has surfaced.

Two things come to mind right away: one, that cracks seem to be appearing the previously formidable Scientology wall of silence.

The second, for now, is Kirstie Alley is a lot nuttier than previously thought.

Alley says in the brochure that getting into the top echelon of Scientology, called Flag, changed her whole viewpoint on people. Yes, people, Like us. Those kinds of people.

Prior to that, she says, "You know, I liked animals more than people! OK, I liked people - certain people, but the idea of 'mankind' - it really irritated me! Now I have definite affinity for mankind and I'm up taking genuine responsibility for mankind."

Alley, whose career has been mostly a muddle since Cheers went off the air in the 1990s, is described in the piece as a "Solo NOTS Auditor, Diamond Meritorious of the IAS and a fouding member of the Super Expansion Project."

What does all that mean?

Well, Solo Nots Auditor is a high level Scientologist who spends several hours a day, according to their glossary, exorcising "body thetans" or aliens who are stuck to their bodies.

Diamond Meritorious is more interesting. This means Alley has donated a staggering $5 million to the International Association of Scientology. The next time she cries poor on national TV and says she needs a job - like commercials for Jenny Craig - keep that mind in mind.

Last, the Super Power Building Project is the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Founding members donated $250,000 apiece. That's where "Cheers" residual checks are going.

For more on Kirstie's brochure and a glossay of terms, check out this Web site hosted by Carnegie Mellon University.

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