Jason Beghe: Scientology a 'Con'

Fox News/April 22, 2008

When actor Jason Beghe finally explained Scientology to pal David Duchovny, they fell down laughing.

This is one of the many revelations that come out of Beghe's seven-part video with Mark Bunker on vimeo.com.

Last week, we brought you actor Jason Beghe's stunning statements about leaving Scientology. They were part of a three-minute teaser video. After 13 years and a million bucks, Beghe finally decided the cult was "dangerous" and left. By that time, he was estranged from family and friends.

Now Jason's full video interview with Bunker is available at vimeo.com. And this is what he says: The Scientology process of getting clear is, in Jason's words, a con.

"You believe it, you invest your time and money." It's the getting out that's painful, Jason says, because people don't want to believe they've been conned. "You can't be a fool, that's too much to confront."

But it's the story about Duchovny, his childhood friend, that really stands out.

"In ninth grade I met this kid, my best friend. He came to my class and I said, 'You and I are going to be friends.' [That's] David Duchovny. My best friend. Our relationship was aversely affected [by being in Scientology]. He was very cool but he wasn't into it. I think his wife - I perceived that she [didn't like it]. And they were right. He was called a 1-1-SP. It affected our relationship.

"One of the first people I went to see [when I left Scientology] was David. I went over to his house, and we were walking around. We talked about it a little bit. He doesn't watch 'South Park' and doesn't know about all this stuff. I explained OT to him," Beghe said of the high level you can pay to attain in the sect.

"I started explaining to him about Xenu and the loyal officers" a basic story from L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction. "I couldn't get a third of the way through the story, and we had our faces on the floor. We were laughing so hard. I mean you couldn't even talk. It's so retarded."

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