Former model Jodhi Meares turns to Scientology

Live News, Australia/July 25, 2008

High profile coat-hanger Jodhi Meares, still reeling from her recent conspicuous no show at the finale of her own Foxtel series, has reportedly found solace in the Church of Scientology.

The ex-wife of media and gambling baron James Packer, Meares is said to be distancing herself from friends who aren't involved with the controversial church with its range of pay-per-view self improvement beliefs.

Packer, who with friend Tom Cruise was a devotee of the quasi-religion, has of late distanced himself from the cult.

But friends say far from helping the former Tigerlily owner, the group's beliefs are simply fueling the 26-year-old's insecurities and her failure to accept her break up with Packer.

Meares is said to be reeling not only from Packer's subsequent marriage to one of her former close friends, Erica Baxter, but the imminent arrival of the couple's first child.

In a recent magazine interview Meares said she was leaving Australia to visit New York and Europe.

Friends have told gossip merchants at The Daily Telegraph that Meares is still struggling to deal with the break-up of her marriage to Packer.

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