Danny Masterson on Tom Cruise Scientology Backlash

Hollyscoop/December 5, 2008

When it comes to Hollywood, you either get recognition for your work, your drug habit or the religion you support. Tom Cruise got a lot of heat in the past few years for his undying support of the Church of Scientology. Several well-known celebrities are also advocates of the controversial religion, but not talking about it has helped us...well...not talk about them.

Thursday night Danny Masterson stepped out with girlfriend Bijou Phillips for the grand opening of Sam Nazarian's SLS Hotel in Los Angeles, where he talked to Hollyscoop about Tom Cruise and their shared religion--Scientology.

Masterson's career didn't suffer the same fate as Tom's did after Tom spoke out about his beliefs, but it's mostly because he doesn't usually publicly speak about it, nor does he let others opinions about Scientology affect him. When asked if the negative press surrounding the religion upsets him, Masterson told Hollyscoop, "No, because no one ever says anything that makes any sense and no one ever says anything that's true. I feel like there isn't really many races or religions that don't get made fun of by somebody."

He added, "Also scientology is so new 58 years now at least were not having to deal with the inquisition and the crusades. That's pretty good."

Speaking about Tom Cruise's association with the religion, Masterson said: "Tom's awesome. I've met him a few times, I don't know him that well, I mean he's Tom Cruise! That guy's done more amazing films, he's got beautiful kids, he's got a good looking lady. You can tease him all you want I don't really think he cares."

Masterson's interview coincided with Tom's appearance on Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating People special, which featured Tom at number 9.

Speaking to Babs, Tom said he won't be talking about Scientology anymore by...talking about Scientology. He said, "I'm not going to talk about my religion. If people want to know about scientology, they can absolutely just go to their website."

In a town where image is everything, it seems like Tom Cruise's was the only one damaged by his love for his religion. Well there was that whole couch jumping thing too.

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