Peaches Geldof nixes Scientology

L. Ron-dezvous

Irish Voice/July 23, 2009

Is Peaches Geldof studying to become a Scientologist so she can hang with the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Though much of what the U.K. tabloid press writes about Sir Bob Geldof's wildchild is true, or true-ish, shall we say, Peaches is flatly denying any plans to join the celebrity cult.

Reports claimed that Peaches interviewed Holmes last year and was hoping to copy Katie's ascent into the A-list by becoming a Scientologist.

"Peaches was very impressed by Katie, she loved interviewing her and really wanted to become friends with her," says a pal. "She thought that taking up Scientology would be the perfect springboard to work her way into that New York clique. She knows her dad won't be happy about it, but she feels it will help her move into bigger and better celeb circles."

Turns out the "friend" is a false one. Peaches, who's due in Dublin this week to open some new nightclub, tweeted her followers to debunk the rumors.

"I've never met nor interviewed Katie Holmes. Nor am I obsessed with her and wishing to befriend her. This story is totally untrue," she said.

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