Is the Travoltas' new baby Jett II?

The New York Post/May 20, 2010

John Travolta and Kelly Preston hoped for another baby so their tragic son, Jett, would live on, at least one prominent former Scientologist believes. Travolta, 56, and Preston, 47, yesterday announced she's pregnant with another child due in November.

The couple, who are staunch Scientologists, received massive support from the church after Jett, who was autistic, died at age 16 in January last year from a seizure. The church teaches that a follower's spirit has lived before and will live again after death in another body.

Artist Michael Pattinson, who quit Scientology in 1997 after 24 years and later sued the group, said: "The whole ethos of Scientology is that we come back. With Sea Org [the sect's upper echelon], they ask members to sign billion-year contracts. Their motto is 'We Come Back.' It makes sense that the Travoltas would have another baby after losing Jett."

But Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis told us: "We believe that when people pass away, the spirit leaves the body and moves to another body right away. I wouldn't want to make any comment on the Travoltas and the passing of their son, but for someone to suggest such a thing sounds pretty reprehensible to me."

Rick Ross, founder of the Ross Institute, which researches Scientology and other controversial creeds, said: "I don't believe they consider the child to be a reincarnation of Jett. I think they are fervently hoping the child will be born free of autism. They would have had Kelly go through the purification rundown to make sure her body is free of toxins. They believe surrounding negativity could affect an unborn child in the womb and will go to lengths to create a pure and positive environment."

Preston and Travolta, who says he always wanted six children, have a daughter Ella Bleu, 10. Travolta told People in 2007 that they "were trying for a third [child] but that depends on Kelly's schedule. I leave it up to her." A rep for Travolta didn't get back to us.

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