Have Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Spoilt Daughter Suri?

Now Magazine, UK/July 17, 2010

Suri Cruise is reportedly being prepared by parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for a career in showbiz.'They are giving her singing, dancing and acting classes to help prepare her,' a source tells Showbiz Spy.

But is this a good idea? Suri Cruise is only 4 but she's already renowned for her wilful moods and tantrums.Even her dad Tom had to admit during an interview with chat show host Oprah Winfrey that 'whatever she wants to wear, she wears'.

Tom and wife Katie Holmes' Scientology beliefs are thought to have contributed to their daughter's spoilt behaviour. The cult believes that each child should be allowed to do as they like and never be told 'no'.

Now can reveal that to cope with his precocious toddler, Tom's enlisted the help of a Scientology child expert in a bid to teach Suri how to behave. A source tells us: 'He's called a courtesy coach. He doesn't tell Suri what to do, but he teaches her to be more polite.

'They're definitely making progress. At first Suri hated the lessons, but she's starting to be more responsive.'Both Tom, 47, and Katie, 31, came under fire from health experts when Suri was spotted wearing inch-high heels. Our source reveals: 'Scientologists raise their children to be individuals, so Suri can wear whatever she wants.

'If Suri wanted to go out for the day wearing pyjamas, according to Scientology that's her decision so Tom and Katie would let her. 'When she gets upset, Tom and Katie speak to her like she's an adult. 'They'll ask her directly what's wrong, even though children often have no idea why they're upset.

'If she's tired, she'll get cranky and Tom and Katie will gently ask her if she wants to go to bed. 'Of course, she'll say no because that's what little kids do. She wants to stay awake even when she's exhausted.'Our source adds: 'She needs structure and discipline and to have parents who guide her correctly.

'Tom and Katie never use the word "no" to her you don't say that word to a child in Scientology. 'It's so that they always feel like the things they're doing are their own decisions.' This perhaps explains why, unlike most children her age, Suri's allowed to wear lipstick and outfits more suited to a trendy teenager.

'Scientologists believe that children are fully formed souls, like adults in children's bodies,' says our source. 'That's why they're treated as adults from birth. 'In theory it sounds good, but it doesn't work when teaching a child discipline. Suri gets whatever she wants and it's not good for her.'

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