Stanley Kubrick's widow 'lost' daughter to Scientology

The New York Post/August 22, 2010

Stanley Kubrick might be spinning in his grave. His daughter Vivian, 50, had a falling-out with him when he was directing his last movie, "Eyes Wide Shut," and she came to his funeral in 1999 with a female minder from the Church of Scientology, his widow, Christiane, says. She told the Guardian in the UK: "I've had two conversations with her since Stanley died. The last one was eight years ago. She became a Scientologist and didn't want to talk to us anymore." Vivian never went to see her older sister, Anya, as she was dying of cancer or came to her funeral in 2009, Christiane says, adding, "And these were children that had been joined at the hip." At 17, Vivian made the documentary, "The Making of 'The Shining.' " At 24, she composed the score for "Full Metal Jacket." "She is a fabulous person," Christiane told the paper. "Beautiful, very witty, enormously talented . . . We had fights. But she was hugely loved. And now I've lost her."

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