Isabella Cruise 'is not joining' Scientology's strict Sea Org division

Daily Mail, UK/August 25, 2012

Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella is not joining the strict Scientology division Sea Org, it has been confirmed.

Following reports that the 19-year-old was about to follow her boyfriend into the secretive 'higher order', her father's representatives released a statement.

'[Isabella is] not a public figure and deserves privacy,' they said. 'However, she is not joining the church's religious order.'

After it emerged that Isabella's boyfriend Eddie Frencher had joined the clergy like group it was speculated that she would follow him.

A friend told the Village Voice that after her boyfriend joined Sea Org and contact between the two was cut off, Isabella began 'considering seriously' joining him.

According to the blog Isabella told her friends on her Facebook page that Frencher had been sent to the group's Estates Project Force boot camp in Los Angeles.

The potential threat of her daughter Suri joining Sea Org was widely cited as being one of the reasons behind Katie Holmes' recent divorce from Tom Cruise.

Sea Org is run out of Gold Base, which is the Scientology HQ located 90 miles east of Los Angeles in Gilman Hot Springs, California.

The security measures are extreme and include motion sensors, razor tipped wire and what appears to be a camouflaged nest bunker with clear sightlines over the entire property.

There is also a golf course, accommodation blocks, education buildings and the $9.4million mansion which former members claim was built for the return of Hubbard, who died in 1986.

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