"Fatal Attraction" Actress, Leading Scientologist Hosting Pow-Wow Next Week

Showbiz 411/February 22, 2013

Leading Scientology proponents Anne Archer and her husband Terry Jastrow are hsoting a cocktail party next week for a documentary about Sierra Leone. But does the filmmaker know the score here.

Archer, who played the put upon wife in "Fatal Attraction," is a hot and heavy cult member, as is her husband. Her son, Tommy Davis, is the chief celebrity wrangler for Scientology.

The couple is hosting a party under the name "Artists for Human Rights"-which is major front for Scientology. "Artists for Human Rights" also has not filed a Form 990 federal tax form since 2009 despite having many gatherings as a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization. Among the Scientology board members for AHR is Thomas Lovejoy, who also works with Kristie Alley's diet company.

Everyone involved in this event for doc maker Rebecca Richman Cohen is from Scientology including composer Mark Isham, a co-host of the event with his wife, the Jastrows and Vanessa Stoller, who runs the Scientology missions in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks.

The invite for the evening lists the University of Southern California Law School's International Human Rights Clinic. Professor Hannah Garry, who's on the invite, tells me she's been to other events the Jastrows and Ishams have sponsored. "There's never been any discussion of Scientology," she told me today.

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