Some in Valley protest Scientology

WTHI TV News 10, Indiana/September 26, 2009

Terre Haute, Indiana - It's a religion with some high- profile believers and ridiculed by others for it's unique ideas. But some in the Wabash Valley say "Scientology" is much more dangerous.

Seven gathered on the Indiana State campus hoping to inform all who come by Saturday afternoon about Scientology.

"It's not really a personal thing," said protest co-organzier "Anon Indy." "It's something that I'm passionate about. I think the public needs to be aware of it because it's extremely dangerous."

Dangerous because of policies these protestors said affecting families, hassling critics, and charging for participation or membership.

Protestors said they are not against the Scientology religion or people who believe in it, just against the policies of the church.

"If we have reached one person for information, today was a complete success," said co-organizer "Mr. Pink." "I think we have."

Protestors wore masks or bandannas to conceal their identities. They said if their identities are known, they or their families could be targeted by the Church or its members.

The Church of Scientology helped start the Youth for Human Rights International non-profit, creating public service announcements that have aired on many stations including WTHI. Protestors said it possibly plants dangerous seeds for the future. More worrisome to them is that some Vigo County schools have included materials in the curriculum.

"I just hope we reach more of the public," said "Anon Indy." "Make sure that everybody is aware of what is going on behind these doors."

News 10 left messages with the Church of Scientology International office in Los Angeles Friday. They have not responded.

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