Scientology Goon Squads Face Fines After Texas Town Rallies To Marty Rathbun's Cause

Village Voice/June 30, 2011

Last week we reported that Marty Rathbun, former high official in Scientology, had written an open letter to his neighbors in little Ingleside on the Bay, Texas, explaining that he's under constant surveillance by Scientology goon squads. That was punctuated by a sad and hilarious video Rathbun took of Scientology's klutzy crew filming his house from a listing paddle boat in the canal behind his backyard.

Yesterday, the Ingleside Index reported that Ingleside's mayor proposed a ban on film crews filming in the city without the city's permission, and the rest of the council passed it unanimously. Talk about quick government action!

Now, whether it's enforceable or not, we'll have to see. Scientology historically loves nothing more than a legal fight...

Rathbun himself told the Index that the $500 fine imposed by the ordinance would be "chump change" to the Scientology squads. But still, if it was at least some validation he was looking for, Rathbun certainly has that now, knowing that his Texas neighbors don't look kindly on outsiders carrying cameras pestering people on their own property.

Said Rathbun to the paper: "It really is heartening to me. Throughout the years, I haven't been close to many people because of what I was involved in. In the last weeks, I've made lots of friends by having to educate people about who I am and what I was involved in, and they have been very supportive."

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