Beck Questions Scientology Bashers

Contact Music/March 25, 2005

Rocker Beck has hit out at critics of his Scientology faith, claiming people don't see the good the controversial religion does around the world.

The Where it's At singer, who "grew up around" Scientology, is left amazed at the amount of bad press the Scientology church gets, especially considering how successful its drug-treatment programs are.

Beck - one of many celebrity Scientology practitioners, including John Travolta and Tom Cruise - says, "That's just amusing to me because the reality of it is people who are working hard to make a difference in a cynical world.

"The drug-rehabilitation programs have the highest success rate of any in the world. If you actually look at the things that have come out of it, it kind of blows away this kind of criticism.

"(Scientology) has reinforced certain things that were really constructive and good. Things that were important to me in terms of my family, friends, being creatively awake and pushing forward with music."

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