Meet the Scientologist 'squirrel busters': How teams with cameras fixed to their hats 'stalk' church defectors

Mail, UK/April 21, 2011

Bizarre footage has emerged of a group of Scientologist 'squirrel busters' who fitted cameras to their heads to 'stalk' one of its defectors.

Marty Rathbun, once one of its highest ranking members, left the church a few years ago but continued to practise independently.

He was reported to be in on the secrets of the church and 'audited' some of high profile members such as Tom Cruise and he was also used to fend of investigative journalists.

From one of the most trusted members of the church he has now become a thorn in its side.

A group of four men wearing skyblue t-shirts and black caps with the words 'Squirrel busters productions' turned up at his door and said they were there to look at his 'PC meters' - a piece of scientology equipment - and check his 'tack'.

Perhaps most bizarrely about their attire is a picture of a squirrel with Mr Rathbun's head superimposed onto the image.

He continues to ask the man who appears to be the leader of the gang on his doorstep for his name and eventually he tells him it is John Allender, but not before one of the other people says 'Why don't you answer his question.'

Mr Allender says: 'Can you get me your meter, can you bring me your PC filter. Everybody has to have their tack inspected, lets go look at your tack, lets go look at your PC filters and your metre, see if they are standard, clear this up.'

During the standoff, which lasts a couple of minutes, Mr Rathbun and the gang from the church continue to film one another and both videos have now appeared on Youtube.

Mr Rathbun also asks if they are going to 'stick around' at his house and Mr Allender answers: 'Yeah, Marty, we are here for weeks. Weeks and weeks.'

Another adds: 'As long as it takes.'

Fed up with them Mr Rathbun grabs a microphone and walks back onto his property while the scientologist crack squad walk back to their Texas registered pick up.

He calls the police, according to the Gawker website, when they turn up a deal was struck where he agreed not to bring harassment charges against the 'SquirrelSquad' and they would not peruse assault charges for grabbing the microphone.

The church refers to people who leave the group but practice independently as 'squirrels' and blogger Tony Ortega says that the church's leader, David Miscavige has reason to be scared of Mr Rathbun.

Mr Orgtega says: 'Unlike many other disaffected former members who have bolted from Scientology over the years, Rathbun still remains a firm believer in L Ron Hubbard and his 'technology'.'

Mr Rathbun believes that Mr Miscavige was behind the antics on his doorstep saying: 'I know he's behind it. I worked with him for 23 years. I know him better than he does.

'You don't send four people dressed like that without orders from the top.

'It's clearly an intimidation tactic. It seems like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie, doesn't it?

'I think they wanted me to shove that guy down the stairs. I think that's what they were trying to accomplish.

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