Placido Domingo Jr. targeted by Scientologists after he abandons cult for ex-wife he was ordered not to see again

Mail, UK/July 11, 2011

Opera singer Placido Domingo Jr. claims that he is being targeted by Scientologists after he left the controversial religion.

The son of renown tenor Placido Domingo left the cult earlier this year but claims the way that he has been treated is 'scary and pathetic'.

Domingo walked out on the group after its leaders ordered him to cut all contact with his ex-wife Samantha - but he refused.

Scientology leaders put out a mass call for church members to 'unfriend' him on Facebook on Saturday, revealed Village Voice.

'It's an outrage. It's penitent-privilege information. Imagine if they did that to Tom Cruise or John Travolta. My God,' he said.

Actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta are both high-profile followers of the obscure group, that follows practices created by speculative fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.

The star claimed that his problems began when he was ordered to 'disconnect' from his ex-wife Samantha and only communicate with their three daughters via an attorney.

Domingo added: 'It was suggested that I get an attorney that I could communicate with my children so I could stay away from my ex-wife. It was insane.

'I don't think anyone has the right to tell someone who they can speak to or see. Especially when it comes to spiritual freedom'

Domingo and Samantha met through the church of Scientology in 1994, and eventually had three daughters.

They divorced but remained on good terms as they raised their children. Samantha lives in Kent, England while Domingo lives in Miami.

Samantha, a member of 20 years, left the church and Scientology leaders allegedly ordered Domingo to 'disconnect' with his family - a common tactic that is used to isolate followers.

But Domingo clashed with the cult leaders. Following the request to unfriend him on Facebook, which was taken up by 120 people, it is claimed that the the group published a blog with personal information about him.

It included details about his life Domingo and that he'd revealed during Scientology 'auditing' sessions that he'd been unfaithful to his wife.

Samantha has been openly critical of Scientology ans repeatedly attacked its system. She told Village Voice that the church played nice with (Domingo) for a year or two' as long as he followed their orders.

But she claims that problems started when they asked him to cut her out of his life and made attempts to monitor her.

Domingo says he still has a high regard for Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and his philosophies. But he said that he is no longer a member of the controversial religion.

His father, Placido Domingo, is a famous Spanish tenor and conductor known for his versatile and strong voice.

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