Scientologist Reveals "Psychiatry" Made Osama Do 9/11

The Village Voice/February 4, 2009

What was really behind 9/11? Now it can be told, at least by Scientologists: psychiatry.

It should comes as no shock that Scientologists, who think psychiatry is behind all the great wrongs of the world from the Middle Ages forward, would also cause terrorism. Still, it's just perverse to blame psychiatry for 9/11. But that's what Dave Figueroa, president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (founded by the Church of Scientology), does in this video clip from Xenu TV.

"To take a person who's very religious," says Figuero, "and turn them into a killing machine against their will... you need something behind that, you need something fairly powerful. And psychiatrists employ drugs and conditioning techniques in order to change people from what they normally would be into killing machines. And the terrorist factions that we hear about on TV, behind those individual acts of mayhem, you find psychiatrists, psychologists, and their drugs."

The host asks about Ayman al-Zawahiri, a prominent Al-Qaeda lieutenant, whom Figueroa says "was the force behind" bin Laden. The important thing about al-Zawahiri, says Figuero, is that "he's a psychiatrist." (No one's proven that he has that certification, but presumably in the caves of Afghanistan unlicensed practitioners also qualify.)

He further says that though bin Laden has become the "poster child for terrorism... his whole thought patterns and his entire viewpoint was changed by Zawahiri. And whatever types of drugs that Zawahiri used to make that change in bin Laden we don't know." But, he adds, "we know that there was a real change in that guy's attitude," which is our favorite line in the whole thing.

As to whether Zawahiri is "100 percent the person behind 9/11 or not, I don't know if we're ever gonna know," but "that ideology of terror was coming from bin Laden" -- who, we are reminded, "was influenced by a psychiatrist."

The host prods Figueroa to further explain the causes of terrorism, giving him an opening to mention the well-known, timeless forces of ideology and religion. But Figueroa sticks with "psychiatric drugs," among which he includes the amphetamines used by Kamikaze pilots in World War II. (Presumably psychiatry is also responsible for long-distance truck driving and Ted Haggard.)

Some other guy briefly appears to emphasize that Zawahiri is a psychiatrist and the "guy who runs" bin Laden, and the host offers you a pamphlet from which you may learn more. But you don't need a pamphlet to get the message: if you're depressed or anxious, don't go to a shrink or you may wake up with the blood of 2,752 New Yorkers on your hands.

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