Works by scientology founder recognized as extremist in Russia

Interfax, Russia/April 21, 2010

Moscow, April 21, Interfax - On the initiative of the Surgut Transport Prosecutor's Office, materials by scientology founder Ron Hubbard were recognized as extremist and banned in Russia, the Prosecutor General's Office reports.

In compliance with the legislation, they will be included in the Russian federal list of the extremist materials.

The Surgut Transport Prosecutor's Office and the Khanty-Mansiysk customs held a joint check to find out that various recipients in Surgut received international mail deliveries from the USA with literature, audio and video disks on scientology (by Ron Hubbard.)

The informational materials were confiscated and sent to the religious expert council at the Khanty-Mansiysk governor for examination where experts in psychiatry, psychology and sociology concluded that the materials should be prevented from spreading "as they undermine traditional spiritual life basis of citizens in the Russian Federation."

The Surgut Transport Prosecutor's Office applied to the court to recognize confiscated materials as extremist.

On the results of the conducted psycholinguistic expertise it was recognized that the materials "contain evident and concealed appeals to social and religious discord, to promotion of exclusiveness, superiority or deficiency of a person on grounds of his or her social and religious affiliation and attitude to religion, urges to impede legal activities of the state bodies including judicial and law enforcement agencies, to commit crimes motivated by ideological and religious hatred."

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