Skrillex on His Scientology Upbringing: "Those Are My Homeys"

The dubstep poster boy opens up about his "nuanced" relationship to the belief system in a revealing 'Rolling Stone' cover story

Fuse/March 20, 2014

By Joe Lynch 

In Rolling Stone's new cover story, Skrillex frankly addresses his Scientology upbringing in the mainstream media for the first time. And although we learn the dubstep poster boy doesn't consider himself a Scientologist like his parents, he still gets annoyed when the church's followers are "attacked in the press" for one simple reason: "Those are my homeys."

As the son of Scientologists, a young Sonny Moore went to an L.A. arts academy based on the teaching tenets of L. Ron Hubbard, the church's founder. Moore took several Scientology courses before leaving home at age 16 and throwing himself into punk culture, a decision his parents supported.

Now 26 years old, the EDM megastar doesn't outright identify as a member of the church, but he's hardly sworn off the contentious belief system: "There's some fundamentals that were really positive that will always stick with me," Skrillex told Rolling Stone. As for his current spiritual beliefs, he uses phrases like "searching nature" and "my own journey" when pressed on the subject. 

Regarding the world's most famous Scientologist, Skrillex told Rolling Stone the media is too quick to salivate over negative Scientology-related stories: "Tom Cruise jumps on a couch, says some sh-t… [but] I feel there are so many other actors and figureheads—whether they're doing drugs or whatever—that are doing a lot more negative things [and] don't get as much flak.

"The one thing about Scientology is [that] the people that are in it, that are doing it, are people of good will, man," Skrillex explained of the church which includes Will Smith, Beck and numerous other A-list stars. "Those are my homeys. Those are people I grew up with."

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