Scientology Making TV Commercials to Lure In New Recruits

Showbiz 411/August 21, 2014

By Roger Friedman

The so called Church of Scientology doesn’t give up. They want new recruits despite all the bad press they’ve received here and abroad. Now they’re going to make some commercials for TV and the internet to lure in new recruits.

What’s weird is that considering all the actors they’ve brought in through the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, Scientology is going outside their own people to find actors.  I guess Tom Cruise and John Travolta are too expensive. They are using regular Scientology casting directors however, Valerie Light and Marie Bystrom.

The commercials are non union, of course, no SAG or AFTRA. They’re looking for a guy and a girl each in their 20s who will seem “hipsterish.” The girl is Beautiful, ”Ascendance-type girl”, ”Anthropologie-model look” walking down the streets of New York and going on the subway… Wardrobe: casual…”

The guy is “20 – 25: Hipster/grunge guy living his life in style he is creating – we see him walking down thestreets of New York and spending time in a library…”

I’m told the casting call says that the actors will get $300 a day and “no residuals.”

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