Father files civil rights complaint against Church of Scientology, says he can't speak to daughter

WPTV-5 NBC News, Florida/July 9, 2015

By Michelle Quesada

Boynton Beach, Florida -- A Boynton Beach man says his family is being torn apart by the Church of Scientology, which he says has labeled him an enemy.

One of  the happiest times for Brian Sheen was the day his only daughter got married.

"She just got married for the second time, we were in San Francisco, it was beautiful," said Brian Sheen.

When he gave his daughter away, he didn't think it would be forever.

"It's been heartbreaking and the last three months I’ve been trying to figure out what do I do," added Sheen.

Sheen's daughter is a Scientologist. He was shocked when he received a letter from the Church of Scientology two months after the wedding, declaring him a "suppressive" person and notifying him his only contact with Scientologists should be with the International Justice Chief.

"They believe that I am actively seeking to suppress or damage them," added Sheen, reading off the letter he says he received.

Sheen says his daughter was as shocked as he was.

"She didn’t know what was happening, she was very upset, she couldn’t believe it could possibly happen," added Sheen.

He filed a civil rights complaint with the state, hoping the church's actions would be seen as a violation of his civil rights.

In the meantime, Sheen says if his daughter reaches out to him, she could risk her marriage and her status as a Scientologist.

"If she would talk to me everything she has would be taken from her because she would then get the same declaration and they wouldn’t be able to speak with her," added Sheen.

In his mind, he keeps replaying the last conversation he had with his daughter.

"I love you. Just know I always support you and we'll somehow  find a way to get together," added Sheen.

We reached out to Sheen's daughter, but have not received a call back.

A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology would not comment on the letter Sheen says he received.

Public Affairs Direction Pat Harney issued this statement: "The Church of Scientology does not comment on the private family matters of our parishioners.

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