Did church block anti-Scientology billboard?

The New York Post/March 16, 2016

By Carlos Greer

The Church of Scientology is under fire again for using its wealth to allegedly silence former members.

Page Six reported last week that husband and wife Phil and Willie Jones, who left the church, raised more than $10,000 for an LA billboard criticizing Scientology.

Several former members helped the couple after Tony Ortega posted their story on his Scientology blog. But after the spouses struck a deal with Regency Outdoor Advertising to put up their ad a block from church leader David Miscavige’s office on Tuesday, they said Regency abruptly pulled the plug.

“Everything was in place and then bam! We were shut down,” Phil said. He added, “[A Regency sales rep] called to let me know that it had come down from the owner, but she wasn’t told why. She originally had three calls from Scientology’s media company, who wanted to buy all of their inventory. They are a huge media buyer and apparently wanted to block it through the end of July.”

The Jones’ adult children “disconnected” from them after they left the church. The couple wants to spread awareness about the church’s practices.

Phil said, “We are not giving up. We’ve been shut down twice, so I’m a little bit reluctant to say our next step because I know Scientology will continue to try to shut it down.”

Reps didn’t get back to us.

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