Scientology Leader's Estranged Father Preps Tell-All Book

Ronald Miscavige Sr.'s 'Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me' promises "riveting insider's look"

Rolling Stone/March 16, 2016

Ronald Miscavige Sr., the estranged father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, promises a "riveting insider's look" at the controversial church with a new tell-all book titled Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, out May 3rd via St. Martin's Press. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the publisher describes the title as "the only book to examine the origins of Scientology's current leader."

St. Martin's says the book will trace "David Miscavige's childhood and his path to the head seat of the Church of Scientology told through the eyes of his father." The Miscavige family joined the church in 1970 when David was around 10 years old. By age 16, he'd risen into the inner circle of founder L. Ron Hubbard, taking over as de facto leader after Hubbard's death in 1986. 

David, a close friend of Tom Cruise, has faced numerous criticisms during his tenure, including allegations of harassment of reporters and humiliation of staff – the majority of which he and church representatives have denied.

Ron left Scientology in 2012, and according to a report from The Los Angeles Times, David spied on his father after the split, fearing he would "divulge too much about the organization's activities." One story involved David telling a private investigator not to assist Ron, whom he believed was having a heart attack. "David told him that if it was Ron's time to die, to let him die and not intervene in any way," the Times reported. Scientology spokespeople refuted the incident. 

Alex Gibney's documentary exposé Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief aired last year on HBO.

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