'You pay and get nothing' Ex-Scientology member blasts church ahead of its European Headquarters opening in Dublin later this month.

The site, once owned by Nama, was purchased for €6million last year, a third of its asking price during the boom

The Sun, Ireland/September 18, 2017

By Michael Doyle

An ex-Scientologist has warned of his concerns over the controversial sect ahead of the opening of a massive new Irish base.

The cult will open its new European headquarters this month at the Victory Centre in Firhouse, Dublin.

The site, once owned by Nama, was purchased for €6million last year, a third of its asking price during the boom.

Renovation work has been ongoing for some time with a 1,300-seater auditorium set to open.

But a former member of the Church of Scientology Ireland, John McGhee, insisted that they are only financially motivated.

John told the Irish Sun: “Although I was with them for two-and-a-half or three years, I was on their books for about six.

“They seek money from members. You pay to join and then you pay some more. I got nothing back.”

The Church of Scientology Ireland has set up a new website called Ideal Ireland.org, but it gives little information about the sect, except a request for donations.

John said: “That’s what they do.

“It tells you nothing, doesn’t say what they do, what good they do, nothing like that.

“They’re looking for money. There’s only about 50 registered scientologists in Ireland so this is a huge centre for them to open.

“They’re supposed to be bringing people over from all over the world to work in this place.

“You’re supposed to be totally committed to the church. When you join they ask you questions like are you a journalist or if you were ever a member of the KGB? It’s crazy.”

The Irish Sun has learned that there are 100 places in the organisation’s Adventurers Club, which costs €1,000 to join.

John said: “They have already filled 28 spots.

“If you wanted to become a Silver member, it costs €2,500 and a Gold membership will set you back €5,000.”

The Irish Sun saw posts in an exclusive Scientology Ireland Facebook group.

One says: “Ideal Ireland Opening Update: So far we have 28 members to the ‘Adventurers Club’.”

It claims that “over a hundred new staff from all over the world are handling their lives and dynamics to move to Dublin”.

The Irish Sun tried to contact the member but he didn’t reply.

The Church of Scientology — of which Tom Cruise is the most high profile member — also did not reply to us.

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