The Disturbing Connections Between These Politicians and the Church of Scientology

Cheat Sheet/March 3, 2018

By Julia Mullaney

For years, many people have criticized the Church of Scientology for its principles and practices. However, as it turns out, several politicians have ties to the controversial religion. Ahead is a list of politicians you might not know have a close connection to Scientology.

Former Rep. Ben Gilman, R-N.Y., reportedly received thousands of dollars in donations from the church while he was serving in Congress. Gilman served from 1973 to 2003. During that time, he stood up for Scientologists facing discrimination in Europe. Primarily, Gilman stood up to pressures from the German government when Germany was allegedly discriminating against the religion. So Gilman was known as a friend of the church. And Scientologists mourned when he died in 2016.

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