Kate Ceberano sends daughter Gypsy Rogers, 14, to $72,000-a-year Scientology boarding school... where the curriculum is based on L. Ron Hubbard's controversial 'Study Tech' teachings

Daily Mail, Australia/December 10, 2018

Australian pop icon and third-generation Scientologist Kate Ceberano has sent her daughter Gypsy Rogers, 14, to a Scientology boarding school in America.

The Delphian School, located in the fields of Oregon, costs $72,000-a-year in tuition and features a curriculum partly based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Students are also required to learn using Hubbard's 'Study Tech"' method, which is an intense form of studying created by Hubbard himself and championed by Tom Cruise. 

In November, Gypsy's father Lee Rogers shared photos to social media of Gypsy arriving at the Delphian, along with an image of her official certificate of acceptance. 

Kate excitedly commented on the post, referring to Gypsy's admission as a 'journey.'

'I hate the distance between but I love the journey you're on,' wrote the 52-year-old songstress.

'It's soooo [sic] vast, the space between the earth and sky. But it's all yours for the taking!'

Although the Delphian School doesn't specifically refer to itself as a Scientology school, the religion's founder L. Ron Hubbard is repeatedly referenced and quoted all across the school's official website.

'Delphian School owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Hubbard for his writings on children, education, ethics and organization, all of which continue to provide insight and inspiration to the school’s mission and activities,' reads one section of the site. 

The school openly admits to using Hubbard’s controversial Study Tech, which requires pupils to keep repeating word after word until they understand it, no matter how long it takes or what subject it is.

The Delphian School has come under fire in the past, with experts telling Daily Mail that the school is a recruitment zone for the Sea Org, a hardcore Scientology group who have to sign a one billion year contract to the church.

According to one expert, ‘the pupils are more than likely under a lot pressure to join the Sea Orgs. It’s definitely a Sea Org recruitment zone. These kids are second generation Scientologists and born into the Church; recruitment would start at The Delphian.'

Past pupils have made other claims about the school, with one former member saying that there was a separate ‘Ethics Room’ for pupils who had done wrong. 

Non-Scientologist Paul Csige, 32, struggled with traditional schools and was sent to The Delphian by his parents in 1996, who thought Study Tech might be a good way for him to learn.

‘It was presented to me really nice,' he told Daily Mail.

'You could learn at your own pace, teachers act like supervisors, they just guide you. They weren’t supposed to teach, just answer questions if you had any.'

‘In the first month, I had real difficulty, as I didn’t believe it, so was sent to the Ethics Room, which is the equivalent of a principle’s office, but had no windows. It’s one little room on the second floor.

'Basically I was sat down with the ethics person, a scary lady. You’d have to sit there for 30 minutes without talking.

‘Then I said I didn’t believe it, and I was basically given no choice. There was no alternative option. This was how we learn. Eventually, I had to give the appearance that I believed.'

According to Paul, 'you’d be in the Ethics Room for all sorts of misdemeanors like if you had an altercation with a student or not done well at your courses.’  

But according to The Delphian, that’s the school’s way of life and is character building for young people. The pupil’s handbook states: ‘More than three-quarters of our students are boarders, and they do more than live here - they own the school.

'Our students take responsibility for everything from keeping their dormitories clean to caring for the grounds to managing the snack bar and planning and organizing weekend trips.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Kate Ceberano and the Delphian School for comment.

Kate is a third generation Scientologist who has proudly rubbed shoulders with the church’s global leader David Miscavige.

In 2016, she performed at the opening of a new $57 million Scientology center in Sydney's Chatswood.

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