Irish Scientologists reveal founder L Ron Hubbard’s works to be translated into Irish in bizarre new video

The sci-fi author created the religion in the 1950s after writing a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

The Irish Sun/April 12, 2019

By Aoife Bannon

The works of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard will soon be translated into Irish, the church has revealed.

The Sci-Fi author created the religion in the 1950s after writing a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

And Irish Scientologists have revealed that they’re undertaking to have Hubbard’s complete works made available as Gaeilge.

In a new bizarre video promoting the church online, Dublin-based member Gerard said: “What we have done is all L Ron Hubbard’s materials are being translated into Irish.

“It maintains the Irish culture, it strengthens the Irish culture.

“A country without its own language is like a country without a soul.”

Another member Kieron added: “Fundamentally we’re Irish and we have a language of our own. It’s to be treasured. The translations into Irish are revitalising who we really are.”

Gerard and Kieron are just two of many Irish contributors to a new episode of Destination: Scientology, a travel series which focuses on the Scientology community in different areas.

Firehouse Campus Cricised

The highly-stylised video features the Irish members wearing grey uniforms synonymous with the secretive religion and brings viewers inside the state-of-the-art facility in Dublin.

The Firhouse campus been widely-criticised by locals for hosting family-friendly events, which they fear are an attempt to recruit new members.

In the Dublin episode, Dubliner Gerard proudly revealed how Hubbard spent time in the Irish capital during the 1950s.

It was the long-lasting Irish winter that inspired him to create the American College of Personnel Efficiency programme, which continues to be the first introductory course in Scientology.

Gerard said: “L Ron Hubbard had an office in Merrion Square, the most prestigious square in the country.

“Locals used to flock in and do that particular course. It became very, very popular. It was so popular that now it is the main introductory course for anyone who wants to know what Scientology is.

“That’s something we’re very proud of.”

Irish Operations Expanding

Another member called Navarra tells the show how taking part in the Scientology communications course gave her the confidence to pursue her love of Irish dancing.

She said: “The communication course helped me with everything I had problems with. Scientology was the thing that made me confident.”

And Kieron revealed how the church’s enormous Firhouse campus, which has a cafe and a 1200-seat venue within its grounds, offers a ready-made community to members.

In the church’s bizarre vid, he said: “It’s a place where you can get enhancement and improve your life and the lives of others.”

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