Daughter-in-law of opera singer Placido Domingo claims Tom Cruise’s kids were ‘indoctrinated against Nicole Kidman’

News Corp Australia Network/July 9, 2019

A former top-ranking Scientology member has spoken out against the controversial church, saying it is “using” Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s kids as its “poster children”.

In an explosive new interview, Sam Domingo — who was married to Placido Domingo’s son — has lifted the lid on the controversial church.

Domingo, who spent 22 years involved in the church, reportedly told the Daily Mail she became close to Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jada Pinkett Smith (who has never officially confirmed she was ever involved in the organisation).

Domingo told the publication she wanted to speak after seeing Cruise’s daughter Isabella, 26, being “used” as Scientology’s “poster girl”.

Earlier this year, Isabella was featured in a Scientology ad in London thanking the church and her famous father for finding a “missing piece” of herself.

She said she had kept quiet out of “loyalty” to Cruise, but when they “started using Isabella, I feel sorry for that kid”.

Domingo, who said her own children played with Connor and Isabella Cruise at the church’s Los Angeles celebrity centre, said things changed drastically when Cruise split with Nicole Kidman in 2001.

She claims the Cruise children lived an isolated “boot camp” experience, away from the other kids, under the eye of the high-ranking Marty Rathbun (who has since left the church) as they were led into believing their mother should be excommunicated and regarded a “Suppressive Person”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Domingo said: “I know what techniques they used … I know what the second-in-command at the time Marty Rathbun did, he was so tough on them, the Cruise kids had no choice. After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated.”’

Domingo claims that Cruise brought his three sisters and mother into the fold.

“They were in it 100 per cent, there was no wavering,” she claimed.

“You can’t be anti-Scientology if you’re part of Tom’s family, you will be disconnected — look at his daughter Suri.”

A spokesman for the church has denied all of Domingo’s claims.


Domingo also spoke about how John Travolta used a Scientology method after the tragic death of his son, Jett, in 2009.

Domingo claimed Travolta tried to command Jett’s Scientology spirit — known as a ‘Thetan’ — back into his body after he suffered a seizure during a family holiday in the Bahamas.

“Scientologists believe the spirit Thetan doesn’t pick up a body until birth. If you lose a baby before it’s born, then it’s just an empty shell, nothing to worry about.

“It’s the same with death. To them once your body is of no use, your Thetan can just go out and pick up a new body and carry on right where you left off,” she reportedly told the Daily Mail.

“John Travolta did a ‘Bring Back To Life’ assist while Jett was in the ambulance, it’s where you order the Thetan to get back into the body, saying: ‘I command you to get into the body now.’ This is meant to raise them back to life.”

Domingo claimed that John and Kelly Travolta’s son Ben, born 18 months after their son’s death, is considered to have Jett’s ‘Thetan’.


Domingo also claimed that Jada Pinkett Smith was a “recruiter” for the church, even though the Hollywood star has always denied any involvement in Scientology.

Domingo claimed Smith “would always be around” the church’s infamous celebrity centre.

“Jada was always around the celebrity centre, doing her own thing with Kelly Preston in the President’s Office. They were like the Stepford Wives of Scientology.

“At this time, Will was going to put in a million dollars into a new Scientology school in Santa Monica, Placido and I were asked to be a part of it, and we said no. It never materialised and Will set up his own school.

“We all knew both of them were Scientologists, though. There was never any doubt among internal staff. [Jada] was a recruiter.”

A spokesman for Scientology denied all of Domingo’s claims.

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