CRUISE CONTROL: Tom Cruise moves his family into his luxury Scientology apartment block ‘to stop them leaving cult like Katie Holmes’

The Sun, UK/August 18, 2019

By Chris White

Tom Cruise has moved his family into his luxury Scientology building "to stop them leaving the cult like Katie Holmes".

The actor's three sisters Cass Capazorio, Lee Anne Gillotte and Marian Henry have all purchased apartments at The Skyview, Florida, property records show.

The Church dedicated condo is situated just yards away from its global headquarters in Clearwater.

They now live on the third, fourth and fifth floors, while their 57-year-old brother has got the eighth and ninth floor, two-story penthouse.

We can also reveal that Cruise has hoovered up two other apartments on the second and third floor respectively - no 201 and no 302 - which are under a trust name linked to his business manager Nancy Chapman.

These could be earmarked for his adopted children, Isabella and Connor.

Back in Spring, Bella was branded 'Scientology’s poster girl' after proclaiming in an advert for the London branch that it had 'saved her life'.

But that may not be enough to stop the 26-year-old from being hauled back to be nearer her father.


Connor, 24, is currently living only a few hundred yards away at The Sandcastle - official Scientology accommodation -- under the watchful eye of former member Katrina Reyes’s mother, Yelena, The Sandcastle’s manager.

Reyes believes this is a show of strength by Cruise to make sure that his children and extended family never stray from the Church like former wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter Suri, now 13, since her parents split in 2012.

She says: 'He’s moved them into the same building, so they’re available to him 24/7, and they have to receive Scientology services and courses and be onboard with the program.

'It’s all about control, if one person strays, the family can bring that person back in.

After he was burned with Katie and Nicole, it was like: “Right, let me make sure that everyone is onboard and no one goes behind my back again."

That was a big blow for Scientology. It was a betrayal.’

To make sure there’s complete Cruise control, according to business records, his sister Lee Anne - who used to be his agent for a short time in the1990s --- has become part of the block’s management. She is now treasurer of the ‘Skyview Condominium Association Inc’.


His other sister Cass is the director of a company called OT Academy, which appears to relate to running Scientology courses.

Her husband Greg is the head of Criminon, a program for rehabilitating prisoners using techniques designed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Realtor Marian has set up a company called Chmm LLC, with her son Cal and daughter-in-law Marjorye, both Scientologists.

More bizarrely, Cruise's friend, the Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie and his wife Heather, are registered to an apartment on the seventh floor, according to voter records.

There’s no suggestion McQuarrie has ever been a Scientologist, but he’s known to be flexible to Cruise’s demanding religion.

Yet the film director is not the only prominent face in the condo.

We can reveal that Cruise’s block is teeming with the world’s richest Scientologists.

Billionaire biopharmaceutical entrepreneur Bob Duggan, who’s given $360 million to the Church, is registered to an apartment, which takes over the entire sixth floor.

On the fourth floor is Scientologist Adi Arezzini.

She is the founder of Teami Blends, a controversial detox drink, which has been promoted on Instagram by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Cardi B and Sarah Palin, but experts say is unregulated and contains laxatives.



Skyview is owned Moises Agami, a Mexican property developer who’s hoovered up substantial amounts of Clearwater. Net worth: $2 billion. Scientology donations: $50 million plus.


Tom CruiseHe’s bagged the two-floor penthouse suite, and also owns three other apartments. Net worth: $500 million. Estimated Scientology donations: $50 million plus.

Bob Duggan, bio-pharmaceutical entrepreneur. Net worth: $2 billion Estimated Scientology donations: $360 million.

Cruise’s sisters - Marian Henry, Lee Anne Gillotte and Cass Capazorio.

All head up Scientology-related companies and have been awarded medals for donating over $100,000 to the Church in a year. Estimated Scientology donations: Minimum $1 million.

Christopher McQuarrie -- The Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher director is the most surprising name to be connected to the block, as he’s not a Scientologist. Net worth: $50 million. Estimated Scientology donations: Zero.

Adi Arezzini, founder of Teami Blends, a controversial detox drink, which hit the headlines for being promoted by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, but experts say is unregulated and contains laxatives. Net worth: $50 million. Estimated Scientology donations: $5 million.

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