The Busted Musician Reveals He Left The Church Of Scientology After The Organization Attempted To Brainwash Him Into Thinking That His Wife Dragged Him Down.

Ace Showbiz/April 15, 2021

The Church of Scientology tried to break up Matt Willis' marriage, the Busted musician has claimed.

The 37-year-old star opened up on how he became "fully invested" in the movement - which believes humans are immortal spiritual beings - until he realised they were trying to separate him from his wife Emma.

Speaking to Britain's The Sun newspaper, he said, "What I was taking from it was that your environment, your friends and the people you're closest to are your problem."

"I was like, 'What are you f**kers getting at here?' They were like, 'There's someone in your life who's actually draining you, who's a negative force, and it's normally the person closest to you.' "

"And it's like, 'I think they're trying to split my f**king marriage up now.' They were trying to force this weird opinion on me. When I look back at it, I was like, 'Are you trying to separate me from everybody else?' "

Matt and Emma have been married since 2008 and have kids Isabelle, 11, Ace, nine, and Trixie, four, together.

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