Foundation Named for John Travolta’s Forgotten Son: More Tax Free Money Sent to Scientology

Show Biz 411/May 29, 2021

By Roger Friedman

Danny Masterson, an avowed Scientologist, is on trial for rape, with allegations that his “church” protected him.

Tom Cruise, Scientology’s most famous celebrity, hasn’t seen his tween daughter Suri in years because he’s “disconnected” from her.

Leah Remini escaped from the “church,” and unmasked many of its terrible secrets in an award winning TV series.

But John Travolta hangs in there. His son, Jett, died a decade ago. His wife, Kelly Preston, died last summer. Still Travolta, whose career is not just in the toilet but flushed into the wilds, remains a true believer.

The 2019 tax filing for the Jett Travolta Foundation spells it out clearly. The foundation, named for poor Jett, who was autistic but his parents denied it, is pretty much just being used to funnel tax free donations to Scientology.

Of the $23,635 the Jett Travolta Foundation disbursed in 2019, $17,500 of it was to Scientology groups. Clearly, David Miscavige, the tiny head of the “church,” still has Travolta under his spell. The breakdown: $7,500 to Citizens Commission Human Rights; $5,000 to New Horizon Academy for Exceptional Students; $5,000 to CoS Celebrity Center. They are all Scientology organizations.

Travolta, who lives in Jupiter, Florida near Scientology’s Clearwater headquarters, does nothing much locally, at least not recorded here. He did give $1,000 to a group called Bryan’s All Stars, for people with disabilities to play sports.

Jett Travolta, who was 16, died January 2, 2009 after mysteriously falling and hitting his head on a yacht in the Bahamas. The Travoltas always denied he was autistic, insisted he suffered from something called Kawasaki Syndrome, caused by detergents. The poor kid never had a chance. In death his photos were retouched to make him look better.

Travolta, with a string of D movies no one ever wants to see over the last decade, is making a new one right now with Bruce Willis, another king of bad films.

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