Danny Masterson victim describes in harrowing detail how she was drugged and raped by the That 70s Show star and the fallout resulted in her losing her relationship with her Scientologist mother after she reported it to cops

Daily Mail, UK/September 12, 2023

By Germania Rodriquez Poleo

Danny Masterson's victims shared horrific details of their stories in heartbreaking statements read in court before his sentencing, which have now been fully published.

The women, known to the court as Jane Doe #1, #2 and #3, focused  not only on the disturbing details of the sexual assaults but also described how they were intimidated and driven from their community as the church of Scientology punished them for speaking up against the That 70s Show's star.

Masterson, 47, was convicted of raping two women in 2003 and sentenced to the maximum option of 30 years in federal prison last week. The jury was deadlocked in a third charge for the rape of Jane Doe #3, who is the actor's ex-girlfriend Chrissie Carnell-Bixler.

In her letter, Jane Doe #1, who has also been known as 'Jen B,' recalled how Masterson raped her on the eve of her father's 55th birthday on April 24, 2003, and how her own mother cut contact with her once she reported the rape to police.

Jen B said she woke up at the home of her friend and fellow Scientologist, Masterson's then-assistant Brie Shaffer, after being drugged and raped, per her statement, obtained by journalist Yashar Ali.

'I still don’t recall what I wore out the door, [defense attorney] Mr Cohen. But I do know one thing you didn’t ask me… I never could find my underwear. I know this because when I got home, I didn’t have any on. And I remember being upset and embarrassed about the idea that my underwear were somewhere at Danny’s house' she wrote.

Jen B's letter went on to tell the judge how the church of Scientology handled her claims, making her pay for hours of interrogation sessions and forcing her to meet with Masterson so he could apologize and 'promise to never do it again.'

She said Masterson mocked her during the meeting, after claiming 'he would apologize and make a promise to never repeat such a crime on any woman if he could just hear me describe in detail how awful and violent the assault had been for me.'

'I still remember him laughing and saying he was afraid I might knock over the lamp on his nightstand and he loved that lamp,' she added.

It wasn't until months later, when she heard that Masterson had done the same thing to another woman that she decided to report the rape to the LAPD, effectively ending her relationship with her mother and everyone she had known her entire life growing up in the church.

She wrote of the last message from her mom: 'It was February 2020, she texted me and told me to never contact her again. She had warned me ahead of time she wanted to see Danny Masterson brought to justice for raping me but not at the expense of her religion, their religion, Scientology...

'She had firm rules, and I had to choose between cooperating fully with law enforcement and the courts or shielding Scientology and keeping my mother in my life.'

Jane B added: 'The first couple of years post the attack and rape were really dark. I lost pretty much everything that I knew. I lost my religion. I lost the ability to be in contact with almost every person I had known or loved my entire life because I was deemed an enemy to the group having been declared by scientology for reporting the rape to the LAPD.'

While the jury was deadlocked on her allegations, Masterson's ex-girlfriend and Jane Doe #3 Carnell-Bixler also wrote a victim statement to the judge, sharing the pain she endured as she was repeatedly told she could not have been raped by someone she was in a relationship with.

Carnell-Bixler claims Masterson raped her while she was asleep at his Hollywood Hills home in 2004. The two dated from 1996 to the early 2000s.

She wrote: 'How can I tell anyone that I had gotten myself in a situation where I was regularly mentally and emotionally abused, and raped repeatedly?

'I’ve suffered insomnia. I would oftentimes stay awake for 24 hour periods. I hate the dark. I cannot sleep next to anyone, not even my husband.'

She added that she was only 18 when Masterson isolated her from friends and family as he emotionally and sexually abused her - and echoed Jen B's claims about being harassed by Scientology officials after she spoke up.

Carnell-Bixler concluded: 'I have been diagnosed with PTSD, general anxiety, and panic disorder. I also developed severe trichotillomania. I haven’t been diagnosed as agoraphobic but I can count on two hands the amount of times I’ve left my home in the last few years.

'I have physical health issues. I throw up. I started getting blinding migraines accompanied by visual auras. I go through phases where I have such severe body pains like my nerves and parts of my body are on fire.

'This, and so much more, is the life sentence Mr. Masterson and Scientology have given me.'

Masterson had two trials. His first, six months earlier, resulted in a mistrial after a different jury were hopelessly deadlocked on all three rape charges. He was freed on $3.3million bail throughout both, but that freedom ended with his double conviction May 31.

He has been locked up in the notorious Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles since then.

Jane Doe #2 also addressed the court before the judge handed down the harshest sentence. She spoke of how she felt after Masterson was convicted of raping her.

She said: 'Just to walk around town freely that I’ve lived in for years without the lingering anxiety of seeing you or your minions meant I was no longer in your proxy, that I don’t have to carry your shame around with me anymore.'

Jane Doe #2 described herself as a 'brainwashed member of Scientology for seven years at the moment of the attack. Like the other victims, she said the church harassed her after she reported the rape to police.

'Even though it was so long ago, what you did to me by emotionally, mentally, and physically injuring me in this brutal manner still reverberates and lives on in my body as corporeal pain,' she told the court.

'You are pathetic, disturbed and extremely violent and the world is a safer place with you in prison,' said Jane Doe #2, looking straight at the actor, dressed in a gray suit and open-neck gray shirt.

'You are a true coward and heartless monster,' added Jane Doe #1. 'I think life is an appropriate sentence.'

Masterson's accusers are all former Scientologists and are also suing the actor and the Church of Scientology in civil court, claiming that they've been harassed and intimidated since reporting him to police.

A status hearing on that civil case is scheduled for September 26.

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