Leah Remini's Scientology Lawsuit: Elusive Church Leader David Miscavige Has Been Served, Judge Rules

Radar Online/February 14, 2024

By Aaron Johnson

Leah Remini is closing in on the Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige after accusing him and the religious group of stalking, harassment, and defamation. Judge Hammock has tentatively ruled Miscavige has been served in the case, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Once it becomes official, the elusive 64-year-old Scientology boss will be ordered to respond to Remini's lawsuit within 30 days, ending his cat-and-mouse game with the Hollywood star.

The judge tentatively ruled that Miscavige has been served.

As RadarOnline.com reported, Remini claimed she spent over $10k to track down Miscavige to serve him the lawsuit. She also submitted photos as evidence. The pictures obtained by this outlet showed the determined process server efforts to hunt down the Church of Scientology's leader before finally dropping the legal papers at a security guard's feet.

Miscavige's attorney, Jeffrey Riffer, claimed that the places the process server went were not locations where David lived or worked, and, therefore, Remini's team had not made “reasonably diligent” attempts to find the church leader.

The judge allegedly didn't see it that way.

This would mean that he has 30 days to respond to Remini's lawsuit.

“Now that the guffaws have subsided, the speciousness of that argument becomes readily apparent when one actually examines the facts,” Judge Hammock wrote in his tentative ruling, according to Tony Ortega.

The judge said that two or three attempts to serve someone at a proper location are usually considered “reasonably diligent,” and he believes Remini went above and beyond in her endeavors.

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