Lev Tahor cult member accused of marrying off minor child

The Jerusalem resident was arrested and released after a court appearance.

JNS/May 31, 2023

A member of the Lev Tahor Jewish extremist group was arrested in Israel on Tuesday on suspicion of marrying off a child who is a minor.

The Jerusalem resident appeared in court on Wednesday and was released in accordance with a police agreement.

The accused has agreed to remain in Israel for a period of no less than 30 days and to turn in his passports. The suspect reportedly holds Israeli and one foreign citizenship.

Lev Tahor advocates child marriage, inflicts harsh punishment for minor transgressions and requires women and girls to completely cover up with robes.

Dubbed “the Jewish Taliban” due to a dress code similar to that imposed by the Islamist regime in Afghanistan, the sect, mostly active overseas, has been the subject of regular media coverage in Israel as well as attempts by former members to draw attention to its mistreatment of children.

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