'Dances With Wolves' star Nathan Chasing Horse left victims across U.S.: Report

Toronto Sun/February 5, 2023

By Brad Hunter

Former Dances With Wolves star turned cult king Nathan Chasing Horse allegedly left a slew of mostly Indigenous victims around the U.S., according to a new report.

The 46-year-old former child star appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom on Thursday for allegedly assaulting Indigenous women and girls.

According to the New York Post, two women in Chasing Horse’s alleged cult told cops he kept “suicide pills” on hand for the women in case he died or was arrested.

The accused cult leader allegedly kept a veritable harem at his side, with one of his wives being just 15-years-old. She had allegedly been given to Chasing Horse as a “gift.”

An affidavit said the many women in his life were all armed and told “to shoot police should they try to arrest him.”

The Post reported that there is a lengthy, winding trail of Chasing Horse’s antics. They include blog posts, videos and a GoFundMe page that are an indictment of his alleged exploitation of indigenous girls.

Chasing Horse also leaned heavily on native culture as an enticement for cash and girls, according to police, who said he shared his Vegas home with five wives.

Detectives began investigating last October after receiving a tip about a cult called “The Circle.”

Chasing Horse — who was born in South Dakota — started pushing his alleged cult in the late 1990s. The Post said he posed as a powerful medicine man, directing Lakota Sun dances.

But some are asking why it took so long to bust Chasing Horse.

Native American actor and star of the Twilight Saga, Chaske Spencer, wrote on Facebook in 2016 he wanted to “expose” Chasing Horse. He accused Chasing Horse of “spiritual abuse” and “sex abuse” of his female followers.

In the wake of his arrest, Chasing Horse has been banished from the Fort Peck reservation. Another tribe in Montana gave Chasing Horse the boot in 2015.Both banishments were tied to Chasing Horse’s alleged predilection for underage girls.

His daughter, Quannah, is a fast-rising star in the modelling world who appeared on the cover of Allure in October and was profiled in Vogue. She was not raised by Chasing Horse and is supporting his alleged victims.

Her grandmother, Adeline Potts, said of Chasing Horse: “We always felt something wasn’t right with him. That big movie he made went to his head.”

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