Catherine Grove spotted in public after police respond to 'Church of Wells' wedding 911 call

KTRE ABC News, Texas/January 13, 2014

By Leigha Hughes

Nacogdoches, Texas -- Nacogdoches police officials say someone called 911 Sunday afternoon claiming someone had a shotgun at the wedding ceremony of an elder of the controversial "Church of Wells."

Police and Sheriff's deputies responded to the call at Millard's Crossing Historic Village on North Street. Police say they didn't find a disturbance, but instead, found the father of 26-year-old Catherine Grove.

Catherine has been living with the church since July, after reportedly running away from her home in Arkansas.

Police say Grove's father showed up at the ceremony trying to get a glimpse of his daughter.

Tensions were high at Millard's Crossing in Nacogdoches Sunday when police responded to a disturbance involving the controversial "Church of Wells".

Nacogdoches police officer Brad Shaw said he responded to the scene after an unknown person called 911 reporting someone had a shotgun.

When officers arrived they found no such disturbance but did find Andy Grove, the father of Catherine Grove, who left her life in Arkansas last July to join the "Church of Wells."

Andy Grove told the East Texas News he heard "Church of Wells" elder, Sean Morris, was getting married and suspected his daughter Catherine would be there.

"I wasn't here to cause any trouble at all I just thought that this might be a rare opportunity to see my daughter that I've been looking for since mid-July," said Grove.

Grove said he was asked to leave the property because the "Church of Wells" had rented a portion of the property for a private wedding.

"Yes Jacob Gardner and some others said that I had to leave," said Grove. The East Texas News asked if the police asked Grove to leave as well and he said, "Well they told me the same thing that I had to leave. I wanted to get word to [Catherine] that I was here if she wanted to leave I would be happy to get her to safety."

Officer Shaw did speak with Catherine at the wedding and said he observed and described her body language as uncomfortable but she said she didn't want to speak with her father.

Shaw said he even explained to Catherine that he was a father and as a father he would want the chance to speak with his daughter but she still declined.

Church elder Jake Gardner also asked our reporter to leave.

She complied with his request but returned when she got permission from Millard's Crossing executive director David Young to be on the property that was not rented by the "church of Wells" for the wedding of church elder, Sean Morris.

About 100 people attended the wedding. The service was held inside the chapel from about 2:00 PM to about 5:15.

Catherine Grove was seen smiling and carrying flowers. She was wearing a maroon ankle-length dress and appeared to be a part of the wedding party.

For some this video is the first-time Catherine has been seen since she moved to Wells.

The Grove family says they have not seen Catherine or spoken with her since October.

"We have no communication with Catherine whatsoever but we suspected that Catherine might be here and we're also very, very concerned for her welfare," said Andy Grove.

Grove said he would wait outside the Millard's Crossing gate until everyone left so Catherine would see him, know that he is there and hopes that she will leave with him.

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