Four Victorians sick after drinking 'miracle' potion

9 News, Australia/November 3, 2014

Four Victorians have been hospitalised after drinking an allegedly bleach-based "miracle" potion sold by a healing group that is accused of being a cult.

Medical authorities are calling for the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing to be banned amid news that its leader James Humble plans to visit Melbourne later this month to promote his "Miracle Mineral Solution", the Herald Sun reports.

Over the past five years ten Victorians have reported being poisoned by the solution, which is sold online as a "water transformation treatment" but critics say is a potentially deadly bleach.

The church says the potion treats diseases including cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma and autism.

Master Miracle Solution contains sodium chlorite mixed with acid in water but its critics argue it is more suitable for cleaning that drinking.

The Australian Medical Association Victoria's president Dr Tony Bartone said the church should be banned and criticised the "snake oil salesmen" who preyed on vulnerable sick people.

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