Local nurse fighting 'quack' treatments for austism

A local nurse is among the group of Irish mothers of autistic children whose campaign against ‘quack’ cures was featured on RTE’s Prime Time last Tuesday,

The Argus, UK/April 15, 2015

By Margaret Roddy

Lorraine Murphy from Knockbridge, is a founder member of the group Autistic Rights Together which is fighting to have dangerous treatments, which include the administering of bleach, to autistic children banned in Ireland.

Lorraine, who works as a psychiatric nurse in St Brigid’s Hospital, Ardee, became aware of a host of ‘miracle’ cures being promoted through social media.

‘I’m a nurse and have four kids, two with Autism. There is no cure or treatment for Autism. It’s not a disease. People are born with Autism and they will die with it.’

It was just under a year ago that she discovered that these treatments are being offered to Irish parents.

‘I came across a Facebook page about treatments for Autism and when I asked about it, I discovered that parents were being told that worms and parasites cause Autism and that they are to administer a bleach solution to their children.

‘I have seen some ridiculous therapies and treatments for Autism but this is by far the worst and most dangerous.’

Since then, she has devoted a huge amount of time and effort as an Autism advocate and has got involved in the worldwide campaign fighting to end the use of a Miracle Mineral Solution/Chlorine Dioxide as a treatment for Autism.

‘ The ‘ CD Protocol’ was created by Kerri Rivera, a mother with a child on the spectrum who has no medical training whatsoever,’ explains Lorraine. ‘She is a member of the Genesis 2 Church which was founded by Jim Humble and she tells parents to administer this bleach solution to rid the worms that cause Autism.’

MMS has been banned in many countries and the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that ‘ when used as directed’ MMS produces ‘an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health’.

High oral doses of this bleach, such as those recommended in the labelling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and symptoms of severe dehydration, according to the FDA website.

‘Autistic children and adults are being forced to undergo agonising procedures as this treatment is mostly given in an enema form, with up to 6 enemas a day of bleach,’ says Lorraine. ‘ They are also giving this bleach orally too, up to 16 drops a day or more depending on their weight and size.’

These groups also recommend other controversial treatments such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which is used for treating decompression sickness suffered by divers, and chelation, which have not been cleared for use in Autism and tell parents not to trust conventional doctors, says Lorraine.

Lorraine says the groups are associated with the anti-vaccination campaign, even though the research which linked vaccination with autism has been discredited.

‘People are being completely brain-washed and it’s the children who are suffering.’

She has no doubt that Irish parents are being convinced to use these treatments, buying the bleach on-line, as the Genesis 2 Church and advocates of these treatments have a very strong presence on social media.

‘It’s happening under the radar, with parents ordering these treatments on-line and then telling each other about it on Facebook and forums.’

Lorraine, along with Fiona O’Leary from Cork and Emma Spence from Dublin, began a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of these so-called treatments.

They have set up their own website, www.stopbleachingme , com and Facebook page in a bid to make parents aware of the dangers of these ‘quack’ treatments.

‘ This emotional and physical abuse has been reported to Barnardos (Child Protection) and the Heath Products Regulationary Authority (HPRA),’ says Lorraine.

The group also want to see the passing of the Autism Bill in Ireland, and Lorraine is grateful to the support of Senator Mary Moran, Senator Jim D’Arcy, Deputy Fergus O’Dowd and Deputy Seamus Kirk.

Fiona O’Learey was interviewed on last week’s Prime Time programme after notifying the investigative team of those she described as ‘promoting these quack treatments and making massive money’. ‘

‘It’s nothing short of child abuse.’

‘We’ve been running this campaign ourselves and we need the authorities to act now and the government needs to bring in legislation to ban all abusive Autism treatments,’ says Fiona. ‘All future treatments need to be regulated before they are marketed to the public.’

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