'Bleach healer' conference banned from two prospective venues

The Argus/April 14, 2015

By Rachel Millard

Two venues have refused to host a conference featuring a controversial healer who developed a bleach-like solution claiming it cures diseases.

Seaford Head School and the Old Chapel Centre, Alfriston, have separately cancelled bookings for the Spirit of Health UK 2015 conference, following reports in The Argus and strong public opposition.

It is not yet clear whether the conference, which had been due to take place in early May with five speakers, will be moved elsewhere.

The event had sparked protest from campaigners against MMS, a product developed and promoted by Jim Humble, among others. He was due to attend as a guest for discussions.

He and others claim the product, a solution of sodium chlorite in water, can prevent cancer and cure malaria, among other diseases.

But it has been the subject of strong health warnings in the US, Canada and England, where the Food Standards Agency said it was equivalent to “industrial-strength bleach” in 2012.

Last Monday, Seaford Head School, which hires out its facilities publically, said: “Following the publication of the programme and speakers for this conference, the school has cancelled the booking.”

Yesterday the management committee of the Old Chapel Centre said it investigated the booking after being “made aware of a large amount of opposition to the speakers, ideas and claims which this event promotes”.

In a statement, they said a United Reformed Church was the legal owner of the building, adding: “The committee are duty bound to avoid anything which is clearly upsetting to a large proportion of the community irrespective of whether those ideas and treatments may benefit society and it is with this in mind that we have taken the decision to notify the organisers of our decision to cancel their booking.”

A spokesman for Mr Humble said the cancellation by the venues “demonstrates that censorship is alive and well”.

She added: “MMS is safe and effective if used correctly in the proper concentrations.

“Fortunately, the information about MMS is already well-known by many and the cat is long out of the bag.

“Whether this conference takes place or not has no impact on any of that.”

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