Luxury lifestyle of ‘cancer cure’ couple

A couple being investigated for selling cancer “cures” over the internet lead a lavish lifestyle.

Express, UK/June 28, 2015

By James Murray

Amanda and Doug Jewell split their time between a mansion in Surrey and a hotel in Bulgaria with a spa and clinic where desperately ill people have been offered cancer “cures”.

Earlier this month trading standards officers, accompanied by police, went to their £3million home in Farnham and broke up a meeting of followers of controversial “healing” Church of Genesis II whose so-called MMS liquid cures have been previously exposed as simply dangerous industrial bleach.

Church “Archbishop” Mark Grenon later posted a video of the raid, which he condemned, and described the liquid causing controversy as a “sacrament”.

Packages of the MMS kits have been shipped out from Bulgaria after Ms Jewell took orders.

However, after our revelations last week she announced on Facebook that she would be “deleting all information with reference to MMS as this is an old website and I don’t want people to think I am still selling it.”

The posting added: “There is no payment section to order, we have previously sent orders to other people selling. I do not want people to think I am part of the church.”

Now investigators are seeking more information about the “healing” clinic run by Amanda at the Pearl Lodge hotel in Smolyan, Bulgaria, which has an indoor swimming pool.

The large modern hotel is set in a beautiful pine forest near the Pamporovo ski resort, which is popular with Britons. 

A source said: “Amanda and Doug go out there all the time. They offer 21-night deals for very sick people. Neither Amanda nor Doug are medically trained. Doug told his friends he was having his Porsche taken out to Bulgaria.”

Today we can disclose survivalist Mr Jewell has told friends he has built an underground shelter where people can stay when the world ends.

The source said: “He was offering places in the bunker for a lot of money.” Mr Jewell has worried friends with his Facebook postings.

He states: “Everyone should understand that the US military, British military, Nato, UN and others all combine to be a private army for the eye and their agenda which includes massively reducing the population, bringing the remaining population into line as farm animal slaves.

"Every major corporation is owned by the eye, every education system is owned by the eye.”

It is not made clear what the “eye” actually is.

In 2012 he went on a “march for freedom” to Downing Street hoping to persuade David Cameron to form a meeting of all the world’s nations.

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards said: “While there was no evidence that MMS had been supplied at the recent meeting in Farnham, we have serious concerns that vulnerable people are being misled in order to profit from their misfortune.”

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