British couple under investigation for selling 'cancer cure' that contains BLEACH ‘live in £3million Surrey mansion and are part of secretive church group’

Daily Mail, UK/June 28, 2015

By Elaine O'flynn

A British couple are under investigation for allegedly trying to sell industrial bleach to vulnerable people as a cure for cancer and autism.

Trading standards officers and police raided the £3million home of Amanda and Doug Jewell in Surrey earlier this month to break up a meeting of members of the Church of Genesis II.

The organisation offer 'MMS liquid cures' to desperately ill people seeking 'healing' - potions that have previously been exposed as containing industrial bleach.

The Jewells have continued to live a life of luxury after the raid, splitting their time between their Surrey mansion and a hotel in Bulgaria, TheSunday Express reports.

The Pearl Lodge hotel, located in a pine forest near a ski resort, contains a clinic for sick people to visit and is where Ms Jewell is understood to have taken orders over the internet for MMS.

Now Mrs Jewell announced on Facebook she would delete all reference to it from the Bulgarian hotel website, explaining: 'I don't want people to think I am still selling it.' 

Mark Grenon, the self-styled 'Archbishop' of the Church of Genesis II shared a video of the raid at the Jewells' home - describing MMS cure as a 'sacrament', and adding that they only ask for a 'donation' towards the mixture.

In a 4,000-word rant on Facebook, he denied that MMS was harmful and said the state had no right to interfere in his church's teachings.

'They were passing out flyers stating how our church teaches sacraments are dangerous to health and not approved by their government agency', he wrote. 

'Could you imagine if this same train of thought was used on ALL churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious or spiritual meetings around the world? 

He added: 'I told them that not one single church in the world would allow ANY government to stop the taking of their sacraments and the right to worship peacefully. 

'Our Creator has given us the gift of life and health, and it is up to us to maintain that health in our temple - the body.' 

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards said: 'While there was no evidence that MMS had been supplied at the recent meeting in Farnham, we have serious concerns that vulnerable people are being misled in order to profit from their misfortune.'

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