Turpin family bizarre open relationship exposed: Torture parents wanted to ‘sow oats’

The Turpin parents accused of torturing and abusing their 13 children in their Californian house of horror had an open relationship and would often give each other lifts to houses of strangers they’d met online, a family member has claimed.

Express, UK/January 24, 2018

By Rebecca Perring

Louise Turpin’s sister Teresa Robinette revealed details her sister's mysterious relationship with her husband David after they were arrested and charged with torture and child endangerment. 

Speaking on Megan Kelly Today, Ms Robinette said the couple started to experiment with their religion after they quit church. 

She said: “At the time, she said that the older children were helping take care of the younger children so her and David could sow the wild oats they didn't sow when they were younger.

“It was a very weird thing to me, that I would never do.

"She told me that her and David had met a man online from Huntsville, Alabama. And they were on their way there to meet him and that she was going to sleep with him.

"And that David was okay with that.

“What makes it weirder, is exactly one year to the date of the anniversary she did that, she called me and thought it was funny that David was taking her back to the exact same hotel room, the same everything.

"The exact same bed she slept with this man in, so that David could sleep with her in the same bed." 

David, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, were charged with 12 counts of torture, seven counts of abuse on a dependent adult, 12 counts of false imprisonment and six counts of child abuse, after one of their children, a 17-year-old girl, escaped through the window of their California home and called police. 

The Turpin parents have been accused of keeping their children locked in chains, feeding them once a day and forcing them to live in squalid conditions. 

The alleged abused children ranged in age from two to 29-years-old.

Police said when officers entered the suburban home in Perris, California, they found several of the 13 siblings “shackled to their beds” in “foul-smelling” conditions.

Ms Robinette has only met the eldest four children in person, but she had spoken to some of the other children via Skype a few years ago. 

During an emotional interview with US show TODAY, she said her sister and brother-in-law were “dead” to her. 

She said: “Louise no longer exists to me.

“Her and David are dead to me.”

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