Polk County woman part of new bombshell R Kelly documentary, allegedly in cult-like relationship

WFLA NBC News 8/January 7, 2019

By Melissa Marino

Polk County, Florida -- Bombshell allegations about R. Kelly and a Polk County woman were featured in a new documentary called "Surviving R. Kelly."

In the new Lifetime documentary, the girl's parents claim their daughter is among several women being held in an abusive cult-like relationship with R. Kelly. They claim they haven't seen their daughter in four years, since she turned 18 and moved in with R. Kelly.

Her parents say she is among several women in an abusive cult-like relationship with R. Kelly.

Linda Parker, who works with Peace River Center, says the scariest part is the isolation.

"Any time you're in a relationship where you're cut off from your family and friends it's never a good situation, and never something we want to see happening. I worry about their long-term safety and their long-term psychological abuse," said Parker.

"They groom these young people," said Polk County Sheriff Grady.

Judd said this is not the first time R. Kelly made headlines in Polk County.

Back in 2003, the singer was arrested at his rental home in Davenport on child porn charges, but was never convicted. 

"One of the courts ruled against our original search warrant that made all of the other search warrants that we did in that investigation invalid...so he got away with it," Judd said.

The woman's mother claims R. Kelly was meeting with her daughter when she only 17. She says she has proof, but said investigators will not help her.

R. Kelly denies any wrongdoing, and he is not charged with any crimes.

He declined to comment to NBC news.

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